Each rules translation is different. Sometimes extensive historical research has to be done ("Nations"), sometimes new quiz cards have to be added for the German market ("Eye Know"), or a completely unique fantasy world must be Germanized ("Ashes"). Therefore, I also offer the following services separately, but usually, they are all included in a complete localization project.

In case you already have a German translation, but you are not too happy with it, it is not a problem for me to revise it following the same service modules.

  • Critical reading and feedback about the original (English) rules
  • Communication about stylistic level, terminology, compiling a glossary (if necessary)
  • If necessary, historical research (correct terms, names, etc.)
  • Adjustments for the German market (additions and/or alterations)
  • Translation of rules, texts on components, box, etc.
  • Proof reading and correcting of the laid-out file, attendance until print
  • If necessary, proof reading by additional professional translators


A translation is a complex process. In my experience this is the best workflow, so I try to follow it.

  • First of all, I need a short description of the game, the amount of work to do and the timeframe in which it has to be done.
  • If I have enough time to do it, I need all available files (English rules, rules in the original language, components with text, graphics, information about the material, and so on). I also should know two deadlines: for the first German version for you to layout, and the deadline for the printer (usually in a given order, rulebook last).
  • I check all the material and make a chart of all services and my fee. This is based on the common fees for translators and depends on the amount of text, complexity of the game and other factors.
  • You place an order. Or you don’t.
  • If you place an order, I need a possibility to contact the game designer / developer / editor. Also, if the game is already on the market, a copy of it is very helpful, so I can actually play it and understand it much better than only from reading the rules.
  • I do the translation work and now and then clarify upcoming questions and suggestions to alter things for the German market – keeping in mind that hobby and expert gamers here have an extreme need for precise and unambiguous rules.
  • You get a Word document with remarks and highlighted changes, so you can put the text into your layout.
  • Together we proof read and correct all the laid-out rules and material several times, optimize and fine-tune everything, until it goes to the printer.